Member Tracking System

Quick Tips

Activities - Best Practices for Tracking Best practices for activity tracking
Activities - Delete Unattended Sessions Remove activity sessions that were scheduled but do not have attendance recorded
Activities - Set-up Setup Activities including General Attendance for Quick Entry scanning
Activities - Multiple Scheduling Schedule multiple activities at one time for one club or the entire organization
Activities - Scheduling Basics Basic information about scheduling activities/programs/classes
Authorized to Pick-up Members Choose and record who is picking up your members
Auto-Billing Charge groups of members for weekly fees, monthly fees, program fees all at one time
Backup Member Tracking System How to make backups of the Member Tracking System™
Backup Member Tracking System SQL How to make backups of the Member Tracking System™ SQL Database
Bar Code Font & Scanner Setup Easy install and setup the barcode font and scanner
BGCA - Annual Report 2019 Run your BGCA Annual Report quickly and easily with these step by step instructions
BGCA - Key Data Reports How to pull quarterly Boys & Girls Clubs of America reports
Billing Members in Groups Create Groups, charge the members in the Group all at one time
Blue Tooth Scanning Install, setup and use of the blue tooth scanner
Change Password with Temporary Password How to change a password with a temporary password
Charges Payments - Apply Credits Create a charge, apply payments and credits
Charges Payments - Apply Credits to Sibling Create a charge, apply payments and credits to siblings in a household
Dashboard Create statistical dashboards to open on entry, email or send through MTS NOTIFY
Data Cleanup - Attended but not Enrolled Review members who have attended but do not have enrollment for better membership numbers
Duplicate Members - Avoiding How to avoid entering duplicate members in the program
Email to Contacts Create and send emails to contacts
Groups How to use Groups in the Member Tracking System™
Guidance, Accidents & Mentoring Record incidents, accidents and mentoring events with full reporting options
Help - Send Request To Vision Easily request help and make suggestions to Vision
Leave Early or Late Record why members are leaving the club early or late
LICENSE - UPGRADE - LIABILITY AGREEMENT Vision License, Upgrade and Liability agreement
Members - Add New Required Fields Make fields required on the 'Add Member' form to eliminate missing data
Members - Flagged Flag members in order to notify your staff of some important information about them
Members - Last Viewed Quickly go back to any one of the last 10 members that you viewed
Members - Member Files Store documents such as medical records, report cards, etc. and attach them to each member
Members - Payment by Credit Card How to record payments via credit card, void and refund
Members - Re-Enrolling How to correctly re-enroll your members at the beginning of each membership period
Members - Search Form Quickly search on a variety of fields in the Member Search form
MTS Notify from A to Z MTS NOTIFY App - send clock in/out, group and emergency messages to parents, dashboards to administrative staff or board members
Organization Info - Custom Fields Create unlimited custom fields for data tracking
Organization Information from Admin to Clubs Move Org Info from main office to clubs via flash drive or email
OYS Community Outreach Best practices for tracking youth who are not regular members of your organization
Pictures for Members and Staff - Camera Take pictures, attach to members and staff for ID cards
Preparation for the BGCA Annual Report Preparation for the BGCA Annual Report
Procedures - Compact and Repair Perform this cleanup routine to keep the Member Tracking System™ running smoothly
Procedures - Consolidate Households and People How to cleanup duplicate people
Procedures - Edit Data Clean misspelled cities, doctors, insurance companies, employers and more
Procedures - Email data from club to main office Data from Clubs to Admin
Procedures - End of Day Shut Down Use this tool to automatically enter an out time for any members who forgot to sign out each day
Procedures - Find and Fix Missing Data Easily update missing information for your members
Procedures - Re-Assign Membership Numbers Re-assign membership numbers for your members in sequential order
Procedures - Repair - Resolve Cleanup erroneous dates in household and status fields
Report - Account Balance Pull Account Balance for your members on a regular basis to verify the the accounts are being paid
Report - Activity Participation by Zip Code Report a count of members that participated in specific activities broken down by zip code
Report - Activity Report This report displays all chosen activities for a time frame with number of sessions, unduplicated attendance, total visits and more
Report - Attendance Comparison Report number of times members attended during up to 8 time frames and create a dashboard
Report - Attended 52 - 104 Days Per Year Break down counts for specific number of days attended by specific age groups as of a chosen date
Report - Birthdays Print a list of members birthdays in a time frame or create custom certificates for each member
Report - Duplicate Members How to pull a duplicate members report
Report - Enrolled vs. Attended Review Create a list of members who have come to your facility but may not have enrollment
Report - Members Attended but not Charged Print a list of members who participated at your facility, but were not charged any fees.
Staff Hours - Prevent Date Time change on check in and out How to setup permissions to prevent staff/volunteers from changing the clock in or out time in Quick Entry