System Requirements

Listed below are the Minimum Hardware and Software Requirements for the Member Tracking System and Supporter Donation System.

Minimum Hardware Requirements

The Minimum Hardware Requirements for the Member Tracking System version 8 and higher and Supporter Donation System version 5 and higher software packages are:

Contact our office to discuss Local Area Network, Server and Cloud Based solution requirements. These requirements vary based on number of users.

Please Note that if you are calling Vision for support of our products that the MINIMUM requirement listed above need to be in place for the Member Tracking and Supporter Donation System in order for us to assist you with technical support.

Microsoft Windows and Office Updates

Not only does Microsoft recommend that you keep your computer up to date with their updates but so does Vision. The latest version of the Member Tracking System and Supporter Donation System REQUIRE that the latest Windows and Office Updates are in place. Listed below are the links to use to check and update your computers. PLEASE NOTE that ALL computers MUST be updated.

Check Windows updates HERE

Check Office updates HERE. Click on the Security menu, then click on Microsoft Update.

Microsoft Products From Tech Soup

Any non-profit organization can also purchase Microsoft products for a significant discount from Tech Soup.