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5-26-2017 Quick Entry View
5-25-2017 Staff/Volunteer Scanning and Time Cards View
5-25-2017 Auto Billing View
5-25-2017  Reports View
5-25-2017  Universal Selection Engine View
5-25-2017  Visitors/Other Youth Served View
5-25-2017  Scheduled Maintenance Activities View
5-25-2017  User and User Security View
5-15-2017  Advance to Next School Grade View
5-15-2017  Organization Information Standards View
4-19-2017 Grant Tracking for Staff Hours View
4-19-2017  Surveys/Outcome Measure Reports View
4-19-2017  Surveys/Outcome Measurement View
4-4-2017  Backup Member Tracking System View
4-4-2017  Online Registration View
3-29-2017  Financial Reports View
3-29-2017  Apply a Single Payment to Siblings in a Household View
1-28-2017  Consolidating Duplicate Members View
12-28-2016  Households View
12-28-2016  BGCA Annual Report Walk Through View
12-28-2016  BGCA Annual Report Walk Through View
12-28-2016  How To Take Attendance View
12-28-2016  Reporting Basics View
12-28-2016  Activity Scheduling View
11-25-2016  Programming Tracking View
11-25-2016  Clean Data View
11-25-2016  Credit Card Processing View
11-25-2016 How To Prepare Data For The BGCA Annual Report View
11-20-2016  MTS Basics View
11-20-2016  MTS Groups View
2-26-2016  Payments Received Report View
1-11-2016  Member Search Screen View
9-22-2015  How To Add New Members View
8-20-2015  Getting Ready For Back To School View
6-30-2014  Member Expiration List Report View
6-3-2014 Guidance, Accidents, and Mentoring View
6-3-2014 Member ID Cards View
6-3-2014  Medication And Health Issues Report View
6-3-2014  Payments Received Report View
6-3-2014 Batch Quick Entry View
6-3-2014 Attend Vs. Enrolled on USE View
6-3-2014 Activity Report View
8-14-2017 Quick Letters View
10-9-2015  Classifications Solicitors And Recognitions View
7-31-2017 Parent Portal Cart View
3-11-2016  Parent Portal View
6-3-2014 Parent Portal Demo View






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